• Gayle B

Forgive & Forget: Plants You Think You Want Again

Updated: Mar 26

In the heat of the summer, during peak harvest, or the onslaught of midsummer weeds, make notes on what is worthwhile. In February you may have forgotten, or forgiven a plant and decided to grow it again. I am reminded by my notes, especially when they are in all caps! lol! With flowers and shrubs, you are most concerned about weed control and watering time during the hot summer. With veggies, it's weeds, watering and harvest times. Perennial edibles, native plants and ground cover plants are good ways to control your time commitment. Here are some that work well for me in zone 4:

Perennial Edibles: asparagus, raspberries, service berries and rhubarb

Native Plants for Iowa: coneflowers, switchgrass (I think the red variety is prettiest.)

Ground Cover: lamium (shade), strawberries (sun)

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