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Stones & Cones

To bring beauty to your flower beds year 'round add natural materials from nature to add texture and shape. If you have access to a rockpile, rocks are easy to see at this time of year because grasses are matted down from the snow. Stones create shape and height to beds. They also pick up the light throughout the day and look different from morning to evening. See the before and after photo.

As you clean up your yard from winter's winds you can repurpose the materials to benefit your flower beds. Pine cones are especially pretty in place of mulch. Even if it's just in a few areas as an accent. If you have a wood pile, the bark that has fallen off is also a good replacement to mulch. Mulch of some kind is a huge benefit to your beds. Mulch should be 3-4 inches thick to give these benefits. Mulch provides weed prevention, temperature control for the soil and holds moisture.

This is the time to apply a pre-emergent granular application. Annual weeds are going to be germinating soon and it stops germination. Be aware that it also stops seeds you have planted from germinating, so do not apply it to areas you want to plant, or have already planted, with seeds. Once your seeds start growing, you can apply it. It won't hurt any plants. A common brand is Preen.

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